Business Services


Designed to be delivered to professional organisations, for employers, work-based training can often result in a more competent and effective workforce.

Wolf Academy know that due to a shortage of skilled IT professionals in the UK, building a bigger and better software development workforce is not only necessary but a necessity for the continued progression of the economy. We believe that there is an untapped talent pool of enthusiastic and gifted people that normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to be employed in the IT industry, just waiting to be discovered.

Professional Training

Wolf provide IT training in a range of different areas to suit your business needs. For a company, this means that we can train people to meet your specific requirements, to be trained in your chosen technologies, or to provide very low cost development services.

You can be sure that the training provided is up to date and relevant, because the Academy is closely linked with our professional services who develop commercial software daily!


Sponsor a Pre-Apprenticeship Program

If you are looking for a new apprentice, but feel that taking on an apprentice is too much of a risk, then you could look at sponsoring our Pre-apprenticeship program which can help to mitigate that risk.

By sponsoring the program, we will ring fence a number of pre-apprenticeship trainees especially for you. We will spend time with your IT department to understand which technologies are most important to you, so that they can be trained from the start with the correct disciplines.

These trainees will be subjected to our innovative training program, designed to encourage engagement. After a 3 month trial period, we will produce a report of the progress of each of the individuals. You will then be given exclusive rights to hire one or more of these individuals as an Apprentice.

After hiring one of our Wolf Graduates, we will continue to support you and the apprentice to ensure that the transition is as smooth as possible.

Having passed the pre-apprenticeship course, we would welcome the opportunity to continue offering further training and to bring them up to expert level.

Apprentice Led Development

Are you looking for cost effective development services? By utilising the Wolf Academy’s apprentices your business can provide young people with vital, real-world experience. Through partnerships with businesses across the North East the Wolf Academy have been able to provide our apprentices with projects such as website testing and software development.

Dedicated People

Through a series of training courses, assessments, and actual experience, we are able to find the best, most dedicated people available. We find that the people that come through our courses are the ones that really want to be in IT and have a real passion for work. These students enter Wolf’s office environment where Software Developers, Database Administrators and Project Managers are already working full-time with well-known SMEs and Corporates. When students complete their course they leave with the skills to begin the same careers.

Although rewarding, the course is challenging and we encourage people to leave so that we can be sure that the people that succeed are the absolute best that you can get.

Once an individual has completed our courses, we try to offer an apprenticeship to lead to full time employment. At any time, if you are looking for an individual with a strong IT background, then we are happy to show you profiles of some of our graduates.

The profile will contain a full history of their progress, showing attendance, ability and the speed at which they completed the courses. This profile will give you a better idea of their ability and experience than any CV ever could.

Trial Basis

We even offer a trial basis for the potential person. If you cover the cost of their wages, and a small admin fee, then you can trial them for up to 3 months. If everything works out, then you can take them on as an employee! If not, then they will come back to our offices and remain under our employment – no difficulty for anyone. Who else offers a service like that?