Training For Professionals


Do you have an IT background, but interested in progressing it further?

Have you recently graduated but being turned away from job interviews for lacking all the important work experience?

Are you a professional wanting to refresh or develop a new set of skills but require flexibility around your working schedule, or just someone looking to get into IT in a friendly, professional environment?

If any of the above are applicable to you then the Wolf Academy may be exactly what you’re looking for!

Educational yet stimulating

The Wolf Academy is the first programme of its kind in the region, setup to help combat the IT skills shortage the UK currently faces. The Academy is a common sense approach to tackling unemployment and creates supply for a sector that’s crying our for new talent.

Launched in 2013 to build a stronger and more capable software development workforce, we provide IT training to meet a range growing digital needs, typically in short supply, such as the skills required for analysts, developers, programmers and database administrators.

Innovative Training Concept For All

At Wolf we approach IT training a little differently. That’s why we developed the unique PLPT delivery (Peer Led Practical Training).

PLPT offers students the chance to learn and progress from one another, developing those collaborative and interpersonal skills. Perfectly in tune to the real world, the Wolf Academy operates in an office environment.

Who Are You?


Be prepared for a learning experience that is unmatched anywhere else in the world! We offer up to the minute training facilities and concepts that are truly cutting edge, and will forward your progress unlike any other software course could.

Is there an area of IT you’re looking to gain greater skills and practical experience in? Get in touch with the Wolf Academy to find out if we can specifically tailor a course designed around your needs!


Wolf Academy is always looking for talented graduates to engage with. Through maintaining good relationships with Newcastle, Northumbria and Sunderland universities we are always on the look out for graduates both with computer based degrees and without.

We realise that finding work can be challenging for a new graduate because although you have the education, you may not have the experience that employers are looking for. Some employers will avoid employing graduates due to the overhead of bringing them up to speed.

The Wolf Academy has specifically looked for ways to bring opportunities to a graduate by offering real world experience, and by working alongside time served professionals.

Course Content

From our offices in North Shields, Tyne and Wear, each student will not only gain technical experience, but experience of project management, business and systems analysis and testing disciplines from the content of the training course.

Free Training For Employment

The North East’s skills shortage has become more worrying than ever. Despite the economic recovery, the lack of software developers has impacted upon the IT sector’s growth in Tyne and Wear.

For this reason, we want to find talented, enthusiastic individuals who have a passion for technology. If you have a desire to work in IT, and are currently unemployed, then we have a limited number of scholarships available to give you the opportunity to get the training you need to find employment.

From our surveys, we have determined that the most important features that employers look for are:

  • Personality
  • Ability to Integrate into a Team
  • Previous Experience
  • Qualifications

By following the Wolf Academy, you will receive training that will develop all of the important skillsets, and save yourself hundreds, even thousands of pounds!

Open Up A World Of Opportunity

Wolf has connections to many organisations in the public and private sector, spread across manufacturing, utilities, healthcare, education and property management to name but a few. Students who attain a high standard from the Academy experience may have an opportunity to gain enhanced experience with one of our high profile, corporate clients to further improve their career prospects and employability.

Initially this will involve interacting with clients either on their premises or from Wolf’s premises. You will be involved in working on their live systems, either in a development or testing capacity. Often our affiliate companies are looking out for talented individuals that they can nurture and offer an apprenticeship opportunity to.

Make a good impression here, and you may well be offered a full time position!