Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Wolf Academy is currently a completely self-funded enterprise, working from the profits of the Wolf Group. We take Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously, and we are very keen on helping people to help themselves.

Our approach to training, and trying to offer something that is available and accessible to all is a very worthwhile process, but also one that can be very costly. We believe that our approach to training, and guiding the people that come on our course into employment has true benefits for the local community. Indeed, by engaging with North East businesses, we are able to improve employment opportunities by understanding what businesses need, offering first-hand experience to our students, and giving access to bespoke software development to companies that otherwise would not be able to afford it.

We believe that the Wolf Academy is helping the North East economy by creating a new market segment, by creating a better workforce, and by helping businesses.

We are always looking for other companies that have a strong CSR also. By working with us, we can help to strengthen that, and to give exposure to the good work that you’re doing. There are a various ways in which you can help us right now.


We would love to have your company affiliated with Wolf Group. We really want people to get behind what we are doing and to believe in our good work. We encourage you to find out more about what we’re doing, and to give your approval, so that other companies can put trust in us.

Work Experience Opportunities

It is vitally important to us to allow our students to get excellent work experience either by working on live projects from our offices, or to have partners who are happy to take on work experience placements.


How would you like to have your company associated with ours, so you too can help provide opportunities for people?

We are always looking for close partners who are happy to sponsor any part of the course. The various levels of sponsorship are:

Sponsor a Student

Sponsor a student so that we can offer more free opportunities to people in the community. The student’s progress will be fed back to you on a daily basis, and any marketing material with that student in will have your company logo against it.

Sponsor an Intake

By sponsoring a small group of students, you will not only be associated with them, but you will also have the opportunity to select from the students as they graduate.

Partner Sponsorship

By becoming a full partnership sponsor, you will have the option to select up to 5 graduates per year. We will work closely with our partners and create a staged release of PR information to make sure that your good will is recognised.

For all sponsors, we will also offer a discount on any development or consultancy work that they require.