Employing Wolf Graduates

Employing Wolf Graduates

Wolf Academy has a key goal in mind: train people well, and find employment. Working closely with employers, both in Tyne and Wear and nationally, allows us to understand your every needs and to match a suitable candidate to your requirements.

We have Wolf Graduates available throughout the year, as we are not tied to the normal academic semesters. We also have a wide range of abilities and capabilities to meet your needs.

If you’re looking for new IT staff, ranging from analysts, developers to testers and dbas, then we have some of the most eligible, up and coming stars being trained right now.

Dedicated People

Through a series of training courses, assessments, and actual experience, we are able to find the best, most dedicated people available. We find that the people that come through our courses are the ones that really want to be in IT and have a real passion for work. These students enter Wolf’s office environment where Software Developers, Database Administrators and Project Managers are already working full-time with well-known SMEs and Corporates. When students complete their course they leave with the skills to begin the same careers.

Although rewarding, the course is challenging and we encourage people to leave so that we can be sure that the people that succeed are the absolute best that you can get.

Once an individual has completed our courses, we try to offer an apprenticeship to lead to full time employment. At any time, if you are looking for an individual with a strong IT background, then we are happy to show you profiles of some of our graduates.

The profile will contain a full history of their progress, showing attendance, ability and the speed at which they completed the courses. This profile will give you a better idea of their ability and experience than any CV ever could.

Trial Basis

We even offer a trial basis for the potential person. If you cover the cost of their wages, and a small admin fee, then you can trial them for up to 3 months. If everything works out, then you can take them on as an employee! If not, then they will come back to our offices and remain under our employment – no difficulty for anyone. Who else offers a service like that?